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UCI Health Equipment Formulary

Welcome to UCI Health’s information page on the Equipment Formulary. The information below will help you understand the importance of equipment standardization and centralized quoting for UCI Health.

Beginning Q1 2022, the UCI Health Supply Chain Management team will begin an initiative to standardize the equipment procurement process through implementing a brand-new online equipment formulary. This equipment formulary will serve as the sole source of truth for service line leaders when researching standards and requesting equipment quotes.

With an anticipated launch in Q2 2022, UCI Health's Equipment Formulary will allow service line leaders a simple, intuitive experience that directs leaders to standardized product categories organized by service line and a common way to work with suppliers. The Equipment Formulary will integrate with the capital budgeting system and usage of the Equipment Formulary to get budgetary quotes is required prior to starting any budget request. This ensures standards compliance and will save time for all.

It is a requirement that all capital projects begin on the Equipment Formulary, and that all quotes for equipment are generated through the formulary.

Benefits of this initiative include:

  • Faster, easier evaluation & purchasing of equipment
  • Rich insight on products available 24/7
  • Direct link to the right local sales rep for standardized products
  • Enhanced support from Supply Chain

Suppliers are vetted and contracted through the current RFP process and required to participate in the equipment formulary initiative. To help us manage this process, we have partnered with an independent software company used by hospitals and health systems nationwide.  

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