Supply Chain Management and Support Operations

Premier Connect

Cameron Beach, Systems Training Manager,  
Roxanne Osborne, e-Commerce Manager,  

Our mission is to develop and maintain the relationships necessary to create accurate, reliable, and verifiable supply chain operations utilizing our Enterprise Resource Plannng (ERP) system, Premier Connect. We work with internal customers, internal support staff, and external suppliers and providers to achieve this goal. Once the needs from all parties are understood, we strive to educate partners, re-develop processes, and create the necessary interfaces to bridge any remaining gaps. We aim to increase transparency in tandem with efficiency and provide the tools that allow our partners to work efficiently and effectively.

Did You Know?

Purchase requisitioning at UCI Medical Center has migrated to a fully electronic process! Requests can now be submitted through Premier Connect for a more streamlined and efficient procurement process.

To set up a new user account, contact Roxanne Osborne
To schedule training on Premier Connect requisitioning, follow the link HERE.

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